About us.
  The spread of globalisation forces multinational companies to tackle their change projects by assigning internationally assembled teams. English is becoming the working language. PiP-Consulting is the umbrella brand under which the consulting services for inter- national projects of Dr. Teuber Unternehmensberatung are concentrated. The focus is on managing change processes efficiently and effectively. The consulting approach considers the business background and ethnic origin of the people engaged and relies on active and creative engagement of all people who are involved with change management.

Facts about the founder:
Dr. Dieter Teuber has been working in the field of organisational development since 1994. He developed the PiP-consulting approach and founded Dr. Teuber Unternehmens-beratung in 2001. His consulting projects profit from his background as a senior executive in science, civil service and in industrial associations. Mr. Teuber is 49 years old. He has a degree in physics and is a doctor in natural science.

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